Writing testable code

Thiago Bergman & Jaap van Otterdijk

How does readability and code quality relate to testable code? In this session, we show and explain some practices to make your code more testable, readable and increase the maintainability of your project. With live examples and code reviews.

It's simple, isn't it?

Jaap van Otterdijk + guests

Starting at a new gig

The Ingewikkeld crew

Each session is a ...


All sessions will be streamed live on the Ingewikkeld YouTube channel on the first Tuesday of every month. Attending the livestreams is free of charge for everyone.

Every session we take on one subject and dedicate a whole session to it. The form of the session can vary depending on the subject. It could be a tutorial, a panel discussion, a live demo or even any other format.


In the podcast, we discuss the same subject as the live stream. We summarize the information from the live session, or we may dive deeper into a specific aspect of the subject. The podcast gives you the highlights in about 30 minutes.

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